The Big PP
The Big PP
The Big PP
Grip Genie

The Big PP

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Telling you all to Grip-N-Rip this one feels wrong somehow. 

This is a limited edition, limited time pre-order (with different designs coming for the winter) so grab one (heh) while you can!

Approximately 1 pound (0.45 kg)

  • This is a made to order item, it will ship within one week of purchase
  • Pearlescent resin with a textured finish for your gripping pleasure (product photo does not convey actual texture of the product well, but it's grippy) 
  • super secure eye bolt
  • Each eggplant is handcrafted one at a time, there will be minor variation between each

Need a carabiner for your Big PP? CLICK HERE to snag one!

*I really loath the fact that I need to put this disclaimer on but ffs YA BIG FREAKS: this is a grip tool-FOR YOUR HANDS, meant only for that purpose DO NOT insert it into an orifice of any kind.*